Father’s Day Celebration Cake – $180


Father’s Day Celebration Cake

Perfect for a family celebration this Father’s Day.  Comprising a Crottin, Langres, Mothais sur Feuille, Soumaintrain and a L’Artisan Fermier, it will serve at least 12 people at the end of a meal. Complete with tasting notes.


Made in Poitou-Charentes, France
Goat’s milk
Flavours of citrus and herbs

Made in Champagne, France
Creamy, yeasty and fudgy

Mothais sur Feuille
Made in Poitou-Charentes, France
Goat’s Milk 
Citrussy, creamy and herbaceous

Made in Burgundy, France
Washed Cow’s Milk
Aromatic and fruity

L’Artisan Fermier
Made in Victoria, Australia
Semi-Hard Organic Cow’s Milk
Nutty and meaty

Who should be crowned the “King of Cheeses” – The case for Parmigiano Reggiano


Who has a right to be claimed the title of King of Cheeses?

Today, I’m making a case for Parmigiano Reggiano – or Parmesan.

Parmesan is a patient fellow.  His long, slow and considered ageing process would be the envy of even Dorian Gray.  He originates only from cows living in and around the towns of Parma and Reggio he must wait at least 12 months before he is able to wear the coveted Parmigiana Reggiano stamp.  

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Irish Cheese Tasting Event, Saturday March 11th, 11am – 3pm


Join us on Saturday 11th March, 11am – 3pm for a guided tasting of the finest Irish cheeses with John Dinneen from Cashel Blue Farmhouse Cheesemakers.  Accompanied by Irish Stout, generously supplied by our friends and neighbours, Four Pines.

On tasting will be:

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Welcome to our news blog!


Hello and welcome to our regular news / blog update.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, it’s very much appreciated. Our aim is to bring you some thoughtful articles and opinion
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Who should be crowned, “The King of Cheeses”?


A few days ago someone asked me a question. This is not a new experience. Neither is my inability to be able to provide a reasonable answer. However, I am rarely lost for words – especially when being asked about something that I am passionate about.

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What exactly is an artisan cheese?


I believe it’s only correct that we address this question upfront – especially as we are an artisan cheese shop.

So what exactly does artisan mean?? Well, in relation to food the definition is as follows;
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