L'Amuse Gouda


L'Amuse Gouda

Beemster, Holland Pasteurised Cow's Milk

http://kingstonsurgerycentre.com/ Gouda is made in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Beemster Polder in Northern Holland by CONO Cheesemakers, a cooperative set up by farmers from several neighbouring villages in 1901.

The cheeses are made using pasteurised milk from Holstein-Fresian cows. The curds are pressed in moulds for 24 hours then brined for 36 hours before being dried and transferred to the cellars of L’Amuse near Amsterdam for affinage by Betty Koster and team.

The cheeses mature for around 2 years before being released and sold. Betty matures these goudas at higher temperatures and humidity levels than normal, which allows the crystals to form while preserving the moist, buttery paste. 

The resulting flavour is deep, sweet, tangy and rich, with toasted notes of caramel, cocoa, coffee and spice.

$8.50 / 100g

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