Hafod Cheddar

Lampeter, Wales Pasteurised Organic Cow's Milk

Hafod Cheddar is made by Rob Howard and his team at the farm of Patrick and Becky Holden near Ceredigion in Wales. 

The Ayrshire cows that produce the milk for Hafod are ideally suited for cheesemaking, being richer in solids (the fats and proteins that form the structure of the cheese).  Herdsman, Nicholas Millard, who prior to working with them completed a dissertation on the impact of cow nutrition on the sensory properties of cheese.  He is actively experimenting in the milking parlour with new practices encountered during his studies and his visits to cheesemakers in Europe.  These small differences all add up to significant differences in the finished cheese.  

A supple, golden paste, which expresses the characteristic flavours of the farm’s milk.

The flavours range from earthy and mellow to oniony with a bit of a bite.

$11 / 100g

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