Burgundy, France Pasteurised Cow's Milk

Epoisses has been produced since the late 1700's near the town of the same name in Burgundy.

Napoleon is said to have been partial to this cheese and ate in large quantities with Chambertin wine. It was also very popular at the beginning of the 20th century, but production declined and then ceased entirely during WWII. M. Berthaut, of the village of Epoisses, revived production in 1956 and although there are other excellent versions, Berthaut's Epoisses is probably the most widely known. Epoisses was granted AOC status in 1991.

Affinage takes place in specified areas and lasts for a minimum of four weeks. During this period, cheeses are washed repeatedly in a brine solution, then washed with wine or marc (brandy). This encourages the growth of the Bacterium Linens mold that gives the cheeses their deep, rust-coloured rind, sticky exterior and pungent aroma.

Epoisses has a unctuous, melting texture and flavours that range from the meatiness of steak tartare to peanut butter.

Pair with an aromatic Belgian beer, Puilly Fuisse or Pinot Noir.


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