Made from milk of Meuse Rhine Issel cattle – a well-known breed in Holland and Germany – this Gouda-style cheese in made in a traditional Dutch manner.  The curds are cut and washed to remove lactose and lend a sweeter, denser flavour, after which time they are pressed and brined, before finally brushing on the wax coating.

Made since 1981 by the Dick Willems, in County Cork, the cheesemaking has now been handed down to his son Dicky Willems and his wife Sinead.

Our Coolea comes from Neal's Yard Dairy in London, who receive and mature cheeses which have been made with the farms milk, during March and October.  These cheeses come to us at between 18 months to two years old, giving them flavours that are sweet and rich with hints of hazelnut, butterscotch and honey.

$12 / 100g


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