French Feast Cheese Box


Our French Feast Cheese Box is packed full of the best that France has to offer, containing Camembert, roquefort and Comte, along with saucissons and cornichons.  Bon appetite!


Normandy, France.
Pasteurised Cow’s Milk
Mushroom aromas. Cauliflower and sautéed cabbage flavours.

Roquefort Carles 
Rouergue, France.
Raw Cow’s Milk
Creamy sweet curds and gritty mineral blue.

Franche-Comte, France.
Raw Cow’s Milk
Salted caramel and roasted nuts.


Traditional French Saucissons made in NSW (150g)
French Cornichons (100g)
Peter's Yard Sourdough Crispbreads

Packaged beautifully and including with tasting notes.
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