September Cheese Club Selection

September Cheese Club Selection

The September Cheese Club Selection contains a mixture of old classics and new arrivals.  The exquisite ashed goat's milk log made with rich summer milk, a new Australian cheese in the style of the classic French Saint-Marcellin, an incredible raw milk pecorino from Sardinia and the wonderful mellow Shropshire Blue, made with spring milk.  


Petit Sainte Maure Ashed, France
L'Artisan Marcel, Australia

Pecorino Calcagno, Italy
Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue, England


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Tasting notes

Petit Sainte Maure Ashed
Sainte Maure Petit, as the name suggests, is a smaller version of the traditional ashed goat's log, Sainte Maure de Touraine.  Made in the Loire where the soil is mineral-rich, contributing to the goat's diet. The cheese is dusted with a salted charcoal and left to ripen for around four weeks, during which time the wrinkly rind develops, becoming increasingly melty under the surface.  The pale white pate has flavours of lemon, becoming more nutty and herbaceous with age. The ashed rind lends a salty, slightly peppery note.  Sainte Maure Petite pairs well with Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc and Roses of the nearby region of Anjou.  

L'Artisan Marcel
The newest cheese from the brilliant cheesemaker Matthieu Megard. Marcel is a nod to the traditional French cheese Saint-Marcellin, made with organic Jersey cow's milk and has a wonderfully wrinkly golden geotrichum rind. The cheese has a melting layer under the surface, leading to a fudgy centre, which will develop over time to become rich and oozy. It's flavour is earthy, slightly fruity and lactic.  A lovely gentle round tasting cheese, with marked tangy/fruity notes.  

Pecorino Calcagno
A full-flavoured, mature pecorino from Sardinia hand-made with milk from small, local farms and aged in natural caves for around 1 year.  Calcagno is a classic southern pecorino with a balanced savoury, picante bite and a long-lasting finish. The herbaceous flavour of the soft yellow pate is reflective of the wild herbs and grasses passed onto the cheese. The ageing time gives the paste a compact, firm, flaky and smooth texture and distinctively marked rind.  Perfect for serving on antipasti platters with olives and meats.  

Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue
This cheese has nothing to do with the county of Shropshire, rather it originated in Scotland in the 1970's before production was transferred to Leicestershire. It is made in almost the same way as stilton, except for its colouring, given by the addition of Annatto, a seed from a bush native to South America. The cheese has a full lingering flavour with a hint of nuttiness to balance the sweet blue notes. More mellow than stilton, it is wonderful enjoyed with a stick of celery and a glass of dark beer.
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