November Cheese Club

November Cheese Club

The November Cheese Club Selection is in celebration of the Melbourne Cup and Thanksgiving.  There's a beautiful Australian triple cream brie and French washed rind, which pair perfectly with Champagne for celebrating your win at the races and two fantastic cheeses from the USA to grace your Thanksgiving table in style.

L'Artisan Extravagant
Third generation cheese maker Matthieu Megard uses local organic milk from a single herd of Jersey cows to make his range of cheeses. Longing for the traditional cheeses of the French Alps where he grew up, Matthieu set out to make cheeses that reflected the local Victorian terroir whilst capturing the essence of some of France’s most loved cheeses. This stunning triple cream cheese has a rich, crème fraîche flavour and pairs perfectly with champagne.

Another cheese perfect for celebrating with, Langres is a washed rind cow’s milk cheese made in the Champagne region of France. Drum-shaped with a depressed, crater-like top (due to not turning the cheese during early affinage) with a soft, pale orange rind, given by a coating of annatto.  Washed in Marc du Champagne, the interior pate is rich, moist, and spicy, and should be almost melting below the rind with a fudgy centre.

Midnight Moon
Midnight Moon is a hard goat’s milk cheese made in Holland and matured by Cypress Grove in California. Aged six months or more, Midnight Moon is a blushing, ivory coloured cheese that’s nutty and brown buttery up front with a long caramel finish. As the cheese ages, protein crystals form and lend a slight crunch to the otherwise dense and smooth cheese.

Cabot Cheddar
This cloth-bound cheddar is made at Cabot Creamery in Vermont, USA, before being transported to Jasper Hill Farm, where they coat the young cheeses in lard and add an additional layer of cloth. The cheeses ripen in a specially calibrated vault in their Cellars, where they are constantly brushed, turned, and monitored for quality. The cheeses are aged 9-14 months before being released. The finished cheese have a crumbly crystalline texture and nutty aroma. The flavour is deeply savoury and slightly tangy with caramel nuttiness to the finish.
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