March 2019 Cheese Club Selection

March 2019 Cheese Club Selection

The March 2019 Cheese Club Selection is in celebration International Women’s Day and St Patrick. 

Holy Goat La Luna
This beautiful handcrafted organic goat’s milk cheese is made by Carla Meurs and Anne-Marie Monda on Sutton Grange Organic Farm on 200 acres of rolling granite plains.  The herds forage on native grasses, herbs and shrubs, resulting in high quality milk and cheeses with unique complexity and depth. The cheese has an amazing depth of flavour.  A creamy, full bodied interior with a citrusy tang and nutty overtones.

Durrus is made by Jeffa Gill in Co Cork, where it has been made since 1979. Jeffa works with the milk of two local farmers on the Sheep's Head Peninsula, whom she has used for over 25 years. A semi soft, washed rind cheese; plump and pliable, with a savoury crunch from the rind.  Flavours range from mild to earthy, typically on the spectrum of butter and mushrooms.  Our Durrus is matured to perfection by Neal's Yard Dairy in London.
L’Amuse Gouda
L'Amuse Gouda is made in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Beemster Polder in Northern Holland by CONO Cheesemakers, a cooperative set up by farmers from several neighbouring villages in 1901.
The cheeses are made using pasteurised milk from Holstein-Fresian cows. The curds are pressed in moulds for 24 hours then brined for 36 hours before being dried and transferred to the cellars of L’Amuse near Amsterdam for affinage by Betty Koster and team. The cheeses mature for around 2 years before being released and sold. Betty matures these goudas at higher temperatures and humidity levels than normal, which allows the crystals to form while preserving the moist, buttery paste.  The resulting flavour is deep, sweet, tangy and rich, with toasted notes of caramel, cocoa, coffee and spice.

Crozier Blue
Crozier Blue is an iconic Irish farmhouse blue cheese, created and made by head cheesemaker Gert van den Dikkenburg since 1992 using milk from the specialised production of two local farmers, Michael Crosse and PJ Pollard. The flavours of this cheese range from sweet to spicy and sheepy, depending on age and batch. The texture is silky and soft, sometimes with a crunch within the blue veining.
Pair with hoppy IPAs, porter, tawny port or even a London dry gin.  Perfect accompanied by honey, dried fruits and walnut bread.

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