August Cheese Club Selection

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August Cheese Club Selection


The August Cheese Club Selection contains the best that winter has to offer.  New season black winter truffles from NSW, a raw Swiss summer alpine cheese, an Australian seasonal Tomme and Roquefort made with the best spring milk.  Just add an open fire and a cosy armchair......


House Made Truffle Brie - France & Australia, 125g
Section 28 Tomme du Valee, 250g
Etivaz - Switzerland, 250g
Roquefort Carles - France, 125g


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Tasting notes

House-Made Truffle Brie
Our house-made truffle brie uses a full-flavoured Brie Fermier, made in Ile-de-France, which we slice horizontally and fill with freshly shaved new season black winter truffles, grown in the Blue Mountains, NSW.  The cheese is then matured until the flavours meld and the truffle softens, resulting in a heady perfume and woodland flavours of earth and mushroom.  A decadent treat.  Pasteurised, animal rennet.

Section 28 Tomme du Valee
Tomme du Valee is a seasonal semi-hard cow’s milk cheese made in the Adelaide Hills with autumn milk. Milky, sweet and a true expression of the terroir.  A wonderful table cheese to snack on at any time of the day, it also melts fabulously to make the perfect cheese on toast.  Pasteurised, non-animal rennet.

To celebrate Swiss National Day we have chosen this absolute iconic Swiss cheese.  Etivaz is a raw cow’s milk cheese made in the Canton of Vaud using truly traditional methods in copper vats over an open wood fire. Made exclusively from alpine summer milk, flavours are full of pineapple and tropical fruits. A unique window into how Gruyeres might once have been made.  Another cheese to enjoy as a snack or melted into a fondue.

Roquefort Carles
Made in the Aveyron region of France with spring milk, this is a true artisanal small batch Roquefort. The producers extract their own penicillium roqueforti from rye bread baked in-house. Like other Roquefort productions, the milk comes solely from the Lacaune breed – whose yield is notably large compared to other breeds – creating an intense, powerfully flavoured cheese. Perhaps fruitier and better balanced than other Roqueforts, the pate switches beautifully between the creamy curds and grittier blue moulds. A truly individual cheese.

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