April 2019 Cheese Club Selection

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April 2019 Cheese Club Selection

The April 2019 Cheese Club Selection is in celebration International Raw Milk Appreciation Day on 20th April and Easter.

Brillat Savarin
This triple cream white mould was created in the 1930’s by Henri Androuët and named after the renowned 18th Century food writer, Brillat-Savarin who claimed ‘A meal without some cheese is like a beautiful woman with only one eye’.  Mild in flavour when young, it develops rich, complex, earthy flavours as it matures.  The white velvety mould encases a luscious, creamy interior.  During maturation the rind may develop small patches of orange mould and a peppery flavour emerges.  Perfect for spreading on your Easter Hot Cross Buns!

Roquefort Carles
Roquefort has a truly extraordinary history.  Reputedly "invented" when a shepherd boy who was sheltering in the entrance to one of the Cambalou caves, spied a lovely young girl and left his bread and soft cheese sandwich to pursue her.  When he returned some time later the cheese had developed a blue mould, with a strong mineral odour.  The shepherd decided to eat it anyway and was amazed at how delicious it was.  Roquefort is made using the raw milk from the local Lacaune sheep and is still matured in the limestone caves of Cambalou where the blue mould, Penicillium Roqueforti grows in the cool and damp environment.  Roquefort Carles is made by small dairies who extract their own Penicillium Roqueforti from rye bread baked in-house.  The texture is creamy, yet gritty.  The flavour is a powerful mix of steely blue minerality and salty tang.  Arguably fruitier and better balanced than other Roqueforts.

Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse
Vacche Rosse is a spectacular three year old Parmigiano Reggiano produced exclusively with the raw milk of the rare Reggiana Vacche Rosse (red cow) – a traditional breed of the Emilia Romagna region of Italy and considered to be the ‘mother’ of parmesan cheese. The milk from these cows is much higher in protein solids – allowing the cheese to be matured for longer periods and to develop an amazing depth of flavour without drying out. It is fruity, nutty, creamy and incredibly rich and moist. Perfect as an aperitivo, served with Prosecco. 

Section 28 Sunrise
Made by Kym Masters at Section 28 in the Adelaide Hills ‘Sunrise’ is a seasonal semi-hard raw milk alpine cheese that is washed in the Chardonnay lees of the local BK Winery. This washing gives the Sunrise a golden rind with a fresh and fruity taste, which compliments the smooth, creamy pâté and grassy, nutty flavour of the underlying cheese.  Sunrise is only made immediately after vintage each year and is aged for a minimum of 11 months. It is available from March to June each year.

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