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Who should be crowned, “The King of Cheeses”?


Who should be crowned, “The King of Cheeses”?

A few days ago someone asked me a question. This is not a new experience. Neither is my inability to be able to provide a reasonable answer. However, I am rarely lost for words – especially when being asked about something that I am passionate about.

But, there I stood….muttering, mumbling and stammering until I finally conceded defeat. “I’m sorry..” I said, “..but I really need to give this some careful thought”. I made my apologies and left.

So what was this dastardly question that flummoxed me so? Well I was simply asked, “So, of all the cheeses in the world, which is the best?”

It’s such a simple question, but deciding on just one cheese was fiendishly difficult. I mean how do you compare the buttery, fruity bite of a cheddar to the creamy and spicy notes of a blue cheese or even the mushroom and fudgy characteristics of a bloomy rind?

Impossible. Still, I enjoy a challenge and so I decided to put forward a case for some of the most amazing cheeses and I will share my musings over the forthcoming few weeks.

I’m also very keen to hear your thoughts on favourite cheese and your reasons? Perhaps you were spoon fed baked camembert in Paris by your first true love? Maybe you keep your favourite cheddar in the bedside drawer and have a secret midnight nibble?? Whatever the reason we’d love to know. Do let us know on We’ll always respond.