L'Artisan Fermier


L'Artisan Fermier

Victoria, Australia Pasteurised Organic Cow's Milk

L'Artisan Fermier is a smear-ripened cheese in the style of a French Morbier, made by Matthieu Megard on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.  The organic milk is sourced from a single herd of Jersey cows in order to reflect the terroir of this harsh landscape.

The pale ivory pate has a layer of blue/black edible vegetable ash through its equatorial centre.  With Morbier this was traditionally done as a means to separate the morning and evening milks, but is today mostly decorative. 

Each cheese is pressed for 12 hours in cloth, salted by hand and then washed every second day with a brine solution. After six weeks, the rind develops a reddish tinge and is slightly sticky to touch.

When young the taste is mild, with a fresh milky nutty flavour, becoming richer, sharper, and more pronounced with age.  A beautiful cheese to have at the centre of a cheese board, but also great for melting.  Pairs well with dry white wines.

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