Emmental de Savoie

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Emmental de Savoie

Savoie, France Unpasteurised Cow's Milk

Emmental de Savoie is an absolute classic alpine cheese.  Originating from Switzerland it has been made in France since the 19th century.  The maturation on these 70kg + wheels is unique and noteworthy – aged in 20ºc cellars, allowing the propionic bacteria to develop and give off carbon dioxide, thus creating the iconic walnut-sized holes and giving the cheese its classically chewy texture.  

Flavours are soft, fruity and savoury with a slight bite on the finish. 

An essential component for Savoyarde Fondue, but lovely also as a snacking cheese or even on a cheese board, served with fruity, but dry alpine wines. 

$7.50 / 100g

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