Crozier Blue

County Tipperary, Ireland Pasteurised Sheep's Milk

Crozier Blue has been produced since 1993 by the Grubb family – makers of Cashel Blue – using milk from a flock of ewes on the limestone pastures near Cashel.  Throughout the season the ewes are allowed to freely graze the fertile grasslands of Tipperary, producing distinctly flavoured, sweet milk.  

The cheese is slow to mature and should be aged a minimum of four months before opening.  With proper maturation the marbled roqueforti moulds are adequately spread and the pate, which is a pale white, has begun to break down into a creamy, slightly gritty texture.  

The flavours are uniquely Irish: malty and sweet on the front, finishing with an expansive depth of spicy salt.

A good match for an Irish Stout or Porter.

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