Colston Bassett Stilton

Colston Bassett Stilton

Nottinghamshire, England Pasteurised Cow's Milk

Stilton has been made at the Colston Bassett Dairy since 1913.  During this time, there have only been four cheesemakers, currently Billy Kevan, which might explain why this Stilton has changed less over time than any other.  The curds are hand-ladled, a painstaking process, but one that helps to preserve the structure of the curd and the resulting cheeses are more buttery in texture than that of mass-produced Stiltons.

The use of animal rennet produces cheeses that are richer, more complex and more long lasting in flavour.  In addition, the rind is pierced at a later stage in the maturing process, allowing the cheese to ripen for longer before the blue mould develops and contributes its fruity blue tang.  This further deepens their rich, savoury, biscuity flavour.

Tawny ports or dark beers are a great match.

$12 / 100g
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