Normandy, France Pasteurised Cow's Milk

Camembert was first created in Normandy in 1791 by Marie Harel, who reputedly gave refuge to a priest from Meaux (the home of Brie), who shared the recipe.  Camembert differs from brie in size (250g as opposed to 3kg), terroir (coastal as opposed to inland) and make (the curds are uncut and ladled directly into the hoops).  

Camembert has a soft, supple texture and bloomy white rind, tinged with rust as it matures.  The aroma is of button mushrooms.  The interior pate is pale straw in colour and rich, almost truffley in flavour, with a deeply soothing earthiness.  

Our camembert is selected and matured by affineur Herve Mons.

Enjoy baked when young or with a glass of cider or light Pinot Noir.

$25 each

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