Bigger Staff Thank You

Bigger Staff Thank You


Bigger Staff Thank You.  Reward your staff for their hard work this year with something unique.  Four artisan cheeses, accompaniments and a folding Opinel picnic knife, beautifully presented in a gift box, complete with tasting notes.  They'll love you for this!!  

Holy Goat Skyla
Victoria, Australia
Herbaceous and citrussy.

L'Artisan Marcel 
Victoria, Australia. 
Organic Jersey Cow’s Milk 
Earthy clotted cream.

Cornish Kern
Cornwall, England. 
Cow's Milk 
Salted caramel.

Roquefort Carles
Rouergue, France
Sweet, salty & minerally.

Reisling Jelly

Gluten Free Crispbreads

Opinel Folding Picnic Knife

Beautifully packaged in a gift box with tasting notes.

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