Cheese Celebration Cake FAQs

How much cheese should I order?

We suggest about 100g-120g per person.  Most cheese cakes have 3-5 tiers so this gives each guest about 20-40g of each cheese to consume.

All our cakes are built to this general estimate, but if you require more or less we can work to accommodate any requirements you may have.  You may also wish to order extra top tier cheeses, which can be brought out after the cake has been cut, so that all of your guests get a taste.


When should I order my Cheese Cake?

You can order your cake at any time but we do prefer at least 2 weeks notice. This way we can ensure that all your required cheeses are reserved and scheduled to arrive in perfect condition for your special day.


Can you deliver to any address?

We can deliver by courier to any address in Australia.   Costs will vary dependent on location.  We can advise you of this once we know your specific order.


When do you deliver?

We ensure that the cheeses arrive 2-3 days before your wedding.  Alternatively you can always collect your cake directly from our Cheese Room.


Who decorates the cake?

Each cheese has a unique colour and texture and in it’s natural state your cheese cake will look simply stunning.   We can recommend the perfect floral garnish to match your cheeses, which your florist will be able to supply.  Alternatively some lovely ripe fresh fruits and muscatels work beautifully, with the added benefit of acting as an accompaniment for your cheese.


When it arrives how should I store it?

Upon arrival:

The cheese will be fine stored in a standard fridge, left wrapped in the wax paper provided.

On the day:

The cheeses can be left out at an average room temperature for around 3-4 hours.  We will supply a muslin cloth and we recommend that you dampen it and then drape it over the cheeses to keep them cool and prevent them from drying out before serving. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight.


How do we assemble the Cheese Cake?

Assembly is very straight forward.  We will provide clear instructions on how to keep the cheese as well as how to build the cake.  If required we will also supply glass separators to ensure that each tier is safely supported.


How should I serve the cheese?

Once the cake is cut it can simply be transformed into a beautiful cheese platter for all your guests to enjoy.  We supply tasting notes for every cheese which can be shared with your guests.

We offer a fantastic range of products including crackers, biscuits, chutneys and muscatels, which will be the perfect accompaniment.  Alternatively we are happy to provide our thoughts and recommendations.


When do I pay?

Ideally we prefer payment upon ordering - but we’re willing to consider terms that suit your preference.  We accept all major credit and debit cards. 

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