$1200 Celebration Cake for 110-130 Guests

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$1200 Celebration Cake for 110-130 Guests

Pyramid Valencay
Loire, France
Pasteurised Goat’s Milk
6cm x 6cm
Salted charcoal rind, lemony flavour with a hint of fresh nuts and flowers.

Burgundy, France
Pasteurised Cow’s Milk
11cm x 3cm
Cheese sauce on a rare steak.

Brillat Savarin
Normandy, France
Pasteurised Cow’s Milk
12cm x 3.5cm
Luscious, creamy, earthy triple cream.

Quickes Cloth Matured Cheddar Truckle
Devon, England
Pasteurised Organic Cow’s Milk
Diameter / Height
Flavour of grass and meadow flowers and cheese and onion quiche.

Colston Bassett Shropshire Blue
Nottinghamshire, England
Pasteurised Cow’s Milk
22cm x 10cm
Deeply savoury, smokey bacon and dark with a spicy blue tang.

Cornish Yarg
Cornwall, England
Pasteurised Cow’s Milk
26cm x 9cm

Mild, fresh and clean tasting, with notes of asparagus from the nettle rind.

Fromage de Meaux
Ile de France, France
35cm x 9cm
Mushroom aromas. Cauliflower and sautéed cabbage flavours.

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